According to our advantages in basic research and clinical treatment, the major research of Center for Stem Cell Medicine is uncovering the stem cell function in initiation, development and clinical diagnosis & treatment for kinds of illnesses which includes cancer, blood disease, cardiovascular  disease, vascular disease, immune disease and nervous system disease ect. In this sense, we have tentatively decided the major research of Center for Stem Cell Medicine, which are:

1.       The identification, sorting, amplification and clinical application of somatic stem cell.

2.       The identification of malignant stem cell and how to specially kill it.

3.       The transformation research of some other stem cells, including human embryonic stem cell, induced pluripotent stem cell, vascular stem cell, cardiomyocyte stem cell, neural stem cell and intestinal stem cell.

4.       The research of stem cell niche, especially the affect of kinds of disease environments on normal stem cell, and the way of clinical strategy.