Center for Stem cell Medicine

Stem cell research has attracted most attentions among many other biomedical researches. The theories on stem cell biology have progressed rapidly in the past decades. More importantly, many recent technological breakthroughs have highlighted the stem cell research as the key to understand the mechanisms of various diseases and to discover new therapies for these diseases.

 The Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, an institution similar to NIH intramural research entities in China.  In order to enhance the stem cell research in China, the academy, under the leadership of Ministry of Public Health , established the Center for Stem Cell Medicine at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in 2009.

The key mission of the center is to establish an open platform to facilitate collaborative basic and translational stem cell research and to encourage the application of new technology. Our research goals are to understand the mechanisms of stem cells in the initiation and progression of various diseases and the applications of stem cells in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The center will focus on the following diseases: malignant tumors, hematological diseases, cardiovascular diseases and other vascular diseases, immune diseases and neuronal diseases. Specifically, the research in the center will take the following strategic directions: 1) Identification, isolation, amplification and therapeutic applications of adult stem cells; 2) Identification and targeted elimination of tumor stem cells; 3)Translational study of other stem cells, such as human embryonic stem cell ( HuESC ), induced pluripotency stem cell iPSC),mesenchymal stem cell (MSC), vascular stem cell, cardiomyocadic stem cell, neuronal stem cell and intestinal stem cell etc. 4) the impact of stem cell micro-environment, especially various diseased environment, on stem cell function and clinical implications; 5) Development of new drugs targeted at stem cells.

Based on the established stem cell research open platform, the center will be able to share our stem cell research resource among investigators and institutes, to facilitate the clinical applications of stem cells and to promote the development of stem cell based biotechnology industry. The center is aimed to become a hub for national and international collaboration in the stem cell medicine field.